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You became a female business owner to have time, location, and financial freedom. Attracting and extending your ideal clients with ease. Having an impact and hitting your monthly revenue every single month that you're craving. Living a happy and fulfilled life. You have vision.

You are capable of running a very successful business. Stepping into the freedom you desire for yourself & your family.

You need the operational back-end of your business in place.

As an Online Business Manager, I'll become your right hand. Taking over the whole operational side of your business. You'll be focussing on the amazing work you're doing with your clients. Attracting and onboarding clients with ease and joy. The business operations are taking care of that FOR you.

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Emotional Manifestor 6/2

I am an Emotional Manifestor 6/2, vegan, and currently living in The Netherlands. My goal is to move to New York City. Why? I felt called there ever since I was a little girl. Seeing NYC in movies makes me emotional.

I have been immersing myself in business & marketing for over 15 years. From social media to websites, and building online businesses.

With over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, building 150+ websites and having 100+ social media clients. I am ready to be your right hand.

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