You became an entrepreneur to create a life on your terms. From your vision.

A life filled with time, location and financial freedom.

Building a business where you attract new clients and sales daily. Creating an impact without your business constantly demanding your attention and presence, Stuck behind your desk.

You need a custom operational business system that helps you scale your business. Entirely based on how YOU want to live your life. Serving your clients at a NEW LEVEL while working less.

As a Business Operations & scaling expert, I build operational business systems and automations for you within 30 days. So, you don't have to work IN your business anymore.

Plus, I will train your entire team for a whole month. Onboarding them on all the systems and automations I've built. Using my unique framework.

The power of done-for-you.

I want to work with you

I am your BUILDER

Astrid Joanne

Emotional Manifestor 6/2

I have been immersing myself in business & marketing for over 17 years. From social media to websites and building online businesses.

In the past, I worked in international DJ Fedde Le Grand's operations & social media team.

With over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, building 150+ websites and having 100+ social media clients, I know how to build businesses that make you feel your unlimited self.

An intuitive business built with custom business operations — systems and automations. Creating infinite wealth and expansion for you to do whatever, whenever you want.

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Een plek voor vrouwelijke ondernemers die een holistische en schaalbare freedom business willen bouwen. Met een wekelijkse training, templates en een NEXT LEVEL community.