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I grew up in The Netherlands and from the age of 15, I started to study business and marketing.

My journey as an entrepreneur began in 2012 by building an e-commerce jewelry store. Running this store for 5 years. In between, I was part of the operational & social media team of international DJ Fedde Le Grand.

After quitting that job, I started my social media agency in 2017. Supporting business owners in building an online presence.

I closed that agency after 5 years because I didn't want to be glued to my phone and laptop anymore. So, I started building online businesses from the operational and technical side. My true passion.

I am an Emotional Manifestor 6/2. A trailblazer with a mission to guide and support entrepreneurs in building wealth in their lives and businesses. Without being stuck to your desk.

Becoming unlimited. Infinite expansion.

As a Business Operations & Scaling Expert, I know exactly how you can run a quantum business.

You need systems and automations that do the work FOR you.

Coffee lover, vegan, loves anything that has to do with quantum LIVING and Human design

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Een plek voor vrouwelijke ondernemers die een holistische en schaalbare freedom business willen bouwen. Met een wekelijkse training, templates en een NEXT LEVEL community.