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This membership is created for the female entrepreneur who wants to build an aligned and elevated business that makes her limitless. Becoming her.

The SHE.EO Framework is a unique blend of both doing the inner work in a highly effective, transformative & non-fluffy way ⎯ AND building the foundation of your business.

Your business is a direct reflection of you. Your revenue, offers, back-end, and clients. It's all about self-appreciation.

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BEING an Unlimited SHE.EO is both an expansion of you and your business

Part 1

Be the creator of every aspect of your life

Embody the unlimited version of yourself

Release anything limiting in life and business

Part 2

Build an aligned business using your intuition

Create magnetic offers clients want to buy

Build NEXT LEVEL BUSINESS systems & automations

Sign and extend clients over and over again


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What’s included in UNLIMITED SHE.EO

Monthly 1-hour group Q&A session

Access to MY entire she.eo framework

A weekly business expansion plan




Access to an ever expanding she.eo insight voice library


Monthly ready-to-use business templates


A powerful female business community




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This Unlimited SHE.EO membership is created for the female entrepreneur who is in the phase of building her business from zero to 6-figures. The membership and the SHE.EO Framework has two parts.

Part 1 is all about embodying who you are as an Umlimited SHE.EO. You are a direct reflection of your business.

Part 2 is about building the business you ACTUALLY want to have. Experience the expansion and freedom of having an aligned business with elevated business systems and automations that do the work for you.

DOORS OPEN ON 11.27.2023



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Ik ben jouw catalyst

Astrid Joanne

Emotional Manifestor 6/2

Ik verdiep me al meer dan 17 jaar in business & marketing. Van social media tot aan websites en het bouwen van online bedrijven.

Ben onderdeel geweest van het operationele & social media team van DJ Fedde Le Grand.

Met meer dan 12 jaar ondernemerservaring, het bouwen van 150+ websites en het hebben van 100+ social media klanten, weet ik wat jij als ondernemer nodig hebt.

Een bedrijf dat gebouwd is rondom jouw levensstijl, verlangens en doelen. Een die je rust, joy en volledige tijd, locatie en financiële vrijheid geeft.